There are many mounts available for vehicle cradles. We suggest you contact us for advice.


Our most popular is the rugged windscreen mount

Vehicle Cradle Suction Cup Mount Kit - VCSCMK

Comes complete with adapter that fixes to the cradle

See below for details

We can also supply kits for RAM Mount:-


C Ball 1 1/2" - RAM-C



B Ball 1"       - RAM-B



RAM Twist lock Suction Mount with standard arm and Rectagular AMPS Mount

Uses B Ball 1"


Part # RAM-B-166-347

We can also supply the whole range of RAM mounts, please call for pricing

RAM Mount with short arm Round and Rectagular AMPS Mounts

Uses B Ball 1"


Part # RAM-B-139-A

How the suction mount fits to the cradle



Suction Mount has 4 small locking arms that locate into the adapter plate






This plate has a very strong 3M sticky pad which sticks to the rear of the cradle. Once on it is almost impossible to remove once the glue has cured