EDA50 Cradles and Accessories Part Numbers      
P/N Type Connector NOTES
1050-1592 Vehicle cradle Car plug 12/24V LIGHT version Not for hardwire installations
1150-1590 Vehicle cradle 10-30V Car plug Also Possible for hardwire installation
1150-1591 Vehicle cradle 10-30V 2m Flying Leads, hardwire inst. For hardwire installation
1150-1593 Vehicle cradle Hot-Swap 6 pin Molex 0,13m+2m Flying Leads 10-30V   
3150-1590 Desk Cradle 1-Slot incl wall cube PSU  
3450-1590 Desk Cradle 4-Slot, PSU included.  NO Mains Cord Mains cord should be ordered seperately
5250-1590 mini Desk Cradle 2-Slot, Wall cube PSU included COMING SOON
5450-1590 mini Desk Cradle 4-Slot small footprint, PSU included.  NO Mains Cord COMING SOON
5650-1590 mini Desk Cradle 6-Slot, PSU included.  NO Mains Cord COMING SOON
Bluetooth Cradles with built in Bluetooth to ethernet adapter      
Cases and Belt clips    
LCEDA50 Leather Case Excludes belt clip 10-0664 CALL FOR INFORMATION
10-1162 Holster Leather Holster, NO cover 170x70x30 Drop in style
10-1163 Holster Leather Holster, with cover 170x70x30 Drop in style
BC01 Clip Belt Clip plastic with belt loop  
BC02 Clip Belt Clip Metal with leather loop  
BC03 Clip Belt Clip Metal with long leather loop  
VCSCMK Accessory Suction cup mount + Plate KIT  
PSA1uB1E-E Adapter Sealed USB Peripheral to Ethernet Adapter micro B USB - Micro B USB Plug  
PSAK-5BT1E Bluetooth Bluetooth (5 port) to ethernet adapter - KIT Adapter, power supply with int'l plugs and ethernet cable