Vehicle Cradles Honeywell Intermec CN70
Desk Top Cradles

1150-1393 is similar to 1150-1391 but has an in line Molex plug. This allows the cradle to be safely swapped out without having to disconnect the wiring

Charge Only - Racks

A plate designed to fit a standard 19inch rack. This allows creation of charging walls using open 19 inch system or secure cabinet solutions

A module comprises 4 charging cradles and a power supply

Due to the modular design, we can offer many charging and communications variants


  • Vehicle Mount
  • Desk Top
    • Single
    • Multi slot
  • 19 inch Rack


  • Charge only
  • Communications
    • USB
    • RS232

There are many different mounts available. The most common is a windscreen suction mount


Please contact us for details of other solutions

Cases and Holsters
RAM and Windscreen Suction Mount